Sacred Blacksmith - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "Bond -Together "

Things slow down a bit in Sacred Blacksmith for this episode as we get a bit more background on some important things, such as the differences between the Prayer Contracts and the Devil's Contracts. Luke recounts some of its impact in the previous war with how it caused so much human flesh to be given over to the demons and the kind of destruction and creatures that were brought out because of it. The most important thing that Luke imparts to her though, as Cecily needs to be schooled in the ways of the world, is that should you come into contact with anyone who has taken on a Devi's Contract, you should kill them right away.

Where a good part of the focus lies in this episode is on Lisa as we see her being a proper servant for the first half of it where she's on top of everything that needs doing, including doing the laundry twice a day. Cecily's conversations with her leads her to learning that Lisa only has three sets of clothes that she mixes and matches to have a variety, but that just makes Cecily even angrier over the situation. It does cause her to think about those who serve the House of Cambell though and she tries to find out if the people there are unhappy or have had it rough under their service. With the way Luke is, she starts to also wonder if there's something more to the relationship between the two in a way that's improper, which just annoys Luke even more.

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