Disgaea Complete Collection UK DVD Review

I had previously reviewed the first two discs, but never received the third and was a pity, as was enjoying this series, so was glad to hear this box set was coming out so I could finish the series off. Whilst I've commented on the laziness of the release and the packaging, the show itself was an excellent comedy up to where I left off, and I'm happy to tell you that the finale continues that, albeit they do rush some plot onto the end which actually slightly dampens the experience for me, but overall it's still entertaining.

We are introduced first of all, to an angel-in-training named Flonne, who was sent down from Heaven to the Netherworld to assassinate King Krichevskoy, the demon king'only to find out that he is already dead. In turn, she wakes up the demon king's son, Laharl '" who had been poisoned so that all the other demons staking their claim for the throne wouldn't have to worry about him. Flonne and Laharl are complete polar opposites, so much so that when she learns of Laharl's refusal to believe in love, she becomes Laharl's follower in order to find good in him. To say they are a weird combination is an understatement, but it provides quite a good amount of comedy and fun interaction between the two.

Shortly after their introduction, we are also introduced to Etna, a fiery redhead and Laharl's subordinate. She's a double edged sword as whilst she supposedly serves him faithfully, she's got her own agenda and demonstrates that throughout the series, whether it's putting the prince's head on a bounty, or trying to manipulate Flonne to the dark side. Etna is a fun character as she interacts with demon and angel differently, and the trio became a unit together travelling for Laharl to stake his claim to the throne.

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