Strawberry 100% Episode #02 Review

Having made the decision to work really hard with Tojo in order to get into the high school he wants with Nishino, Manaka makes the mistake of actually telling Nishino about Tojo. Instant jealousy enters the picture though there is a bit of planning on Nishino's part as she intends to try and use this connection to get the help she needs to get into the school as well. It actually makes sense to start up a study group for the three of them, though there's going to be some underlying tension there because of it. Most of it stems from Nishino though as Manaka just views Tojo as a good friend and one great writer while Tojo is just being friendly and helpful all around.

The whole situation gets amusing early on though when the trio first gets together at a donut shop and have to hide after a bit because the master of student discipline has come in to visit the waitress he's interested in. Manaka and the girls try to sneak out the back entrance but end up in a very small closet instead which has them all pressed very close together, adding to some of the basic tension that's there a bit. The first morning meeting of the group goes in an more uncomfortable way as a couple of other boys in the class have learned about the group and force their way into it, bringing the membership up to five at a time when Tojo is doing her best to try and lay low after changing her hairstyle a bit, which has certainly gained her more attention.

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