Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 24 - Review: "Ep 24"

With the wind at their backs essentially after the change in halves, the ETU is ready to move forward hard and try to take things back after Tatsumi's little pep talk. There's something different in their mindset and we see them going at it all out, with the focus on Akasaki and Natsuki with what they're going through in trying to get to the next level. While Natsuki has dominated this particular segment, his role of a support player is what's critical here and when the ETU scores a goal in the opening sequence alone, it changes the dynamic even more and gives Natsuki the realization of just what kind of forward he wants to be. They still need two goals to win though and the tide is definitely against them.

The tension is definitely getting to the Osaka players though as when an attempted goal goes badly, Hauer gets pushed over the edge with the way Kuroda irritates people and Hauer finds himself getting a penalty card. It's another change to things as well as the way the ETU is definitely keeping pace with Osaka, causing them to work harder than they might ordinarily. Even Kubota has been pulled out of the game as he wouldn't last another ten minutes at the rate he's going. The mistakes keep adding up and the Osaka players are starting to get the picture, but there doesn't seem to be too much they can do about it just yet. And there are a few neat little things coming into play such as when Gino reveals what his real goal has been all game, something that Dulfer is just starting to comprehend himself.

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