One Piece Season 2 Part 7 DVD Review

The Alabasta arc has come and gone and now we are treated to the typical filler episodes that will lead us to the Skypeia arc. Obviously, this is collection is not going to be anywhere near the main story arcs.

The obvious question to this collection Is it worth watching? Can a story about a crazy old man who lives on a deserted island with goats and a story about a rainbow colored mist be any good? Yes, it can. If you like One Piece humor, then this collection is for you. Both short story arcs are stocked full of One Piece slapstick humor and easy to just kick back and watch.

There is a good bit of time devoted to each of the two story arcs in this collection. Each story focuses on the plights of two old men who are attempting to fulfill dreams of their youth. While short, plenty of time is devoted to hashing out the story in a rather quick fashion with little time for the stories to become dull. You get the right balance of comedy and humor, which is the typical One Piece formula when side stories like these are inserted into the main story line. The comedy, of course, comes primarily from the antics of Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper. Sprinkle in a little bit of Sanji's unrequited adore for Nami and you've got some very laughable moments. Nami, Zoro, and Robin balance the slapstick moments with a sense of focus as they try to aid both of these men.

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