Kimikiss: Pure Rouge Collection 1 Anime DVD Review

Based on the PlayStation game from several years ago, Kimikiss: Pure Rouge is a twenty-four episode series with an additional OVA that tells the tale of young love. The first half of the series is covered here with thirteen episodes that introduces us to the lives of these high school students that range from first years to third years, though the principal character depending on your point of view is a second year student. Unlike a lot of shows about teenage romance, Kimikiss is focused on capturing the feeling of young love, the uncertainty of it all and the quiet nature of how we approach each other at this time in our lives. There are amusing situations to be had and moments of laughter, but it avoids outright comedy and bad stereotypes.

Kimikiss centers on second years student Kouchi, a generally nice guy who aspires to be a writer of some sort when he grows up. His school life and life in general is about to be thrown off kilter when a mysterious girl is suddenly in his house and he learns that it's actually his childhood friend Mao. Mao's a year older than him and she used to play with him and his friend Kazuki but she moved away at the end of middle school to go to France for reasons that aren't entirely clear. She's returned to Japan now though and most of the girls in her new class suggest that it's because she wants to get into a Japanese college and has to get back into the swing of how things are done here. Mao gives in to that idea, but there's a sadness about her that speaks volumes that it may be something else.

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