Moyashimon Episode #05 Review

One element from the manga that hasn't made it over until now is the character that dresses up in the goth-loli clothes. While you can get away easily with cheerleading outfits and the like, having someone dressed like this throughout the course of the episode can take you out of the show. It's something that works in manga because it's been such a part of it for so long, and similar when it comes to anime, but live action is a different beast and such a thing can come across really awkwardly. On the positive side, if you like the outfits (like I do), it definitely adds an interesting bit of eye candy to the show.

Itsuki's brewing vault has come online now and he's got it set up so that it'll run 24/7 as he's even made sure to bring in someplace for people to sleep. That's not something that the guys are all that thrilled about, but Itsuki has a plan to alleviate some of their stresses by giving them a bottle of aphrodisiac to use. If they can get themselves hooked up somehow for a bit, they'll be a little less stressed and more likely to work the kind of hours that the professor is talking about. The group comes up with some interesting fantasies that play out in a dreamlike state which explores their personalities in quick and easy to digest form. And it lets the leading ladies of the series have a couple more sexy moments to play with as well.

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