Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 157 - Review: "Konoha Attack"

Last year I tried something a little different with One Piece. I had been watching but not reviewing the DVD releases as they came out and made it up to around the first fifty or so episodes when I decided to start watching the new streaming episodes that were in the low four hundreds. I was curious as to whether I could jump into the show at that stage and enjoy it as well as whether it was accessible enough to new viewers. With Naruto: Shippuden, I've watched all of the original series and the first thirty-odd episodes of this one, so jumping to this episode wasn't as big of a stretch since I wasn't missing anywhere near as much material in between.

Jiraiya's sent back a lot of information in different forms to the Village of the Hidden Leaf, including a corpse, and now those in the village have to figure it all out and piece everything together. There's a lot of potentially useful information in all that's been sent back, but there are traps to be had in each of them, such as the numerous blocks placed on the one ninja that Inoichi is trying to learn about. Pain's corpse offers up a lot of potential as well if they can use their advance sciences to figure it out. Shikimaru and Sakura are doing their best to put together all the known information as well while realizing that there are some significant dangers here of another immortal Akatsuki that needs to be dealt with.

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