Grey's Anatomy - Boxing Day

Derek is looking at a brain scan while Jen sleeps in a hospital bed and Rob sleeps in the chair next to her. Mere VO's: "There's this thing that happens, when people find out you're a doctor." He wishes her good morning and she struggles to use the correct words to ask if he proposed, asking what I think turns out to be, "Did... you... patter?" But he knows what she means and assures her she'll be the first to know. "They stop seeing you as a person, and begin to see you as something bigger than you are." Rob asks how she is and all Derek can tell him is that she's okay. VO: "They have to see us that way, as gods. Otherwise, we're just like everyone else. Unsure, flawed, normal." Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, in case you didn't catch that, this will be the hour that we compare Derek to God. I have my barf beg situated next to me on the sofa. Rob kisses Jen's head so we're all reminded how sweet and in love they are, while Mere comes and delivers new films to Derek, who tells her there is no change. She asks if he wants coffee but he turns it down. Her voice tells us, "So we act strong. We remain stoic. We hide the fact that we're all too human."

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