Fairy Musketeers Episode #16-21 Anime Review

Realising quite how long I've been working my way through this series, I'll be covering the rest of it in batches, and four of the six episodes in this batch firmly fall into the mid-season filler category: a visit to Briar Rose's homeland and some time spent with her parents; a visit to a town, permanently under the cloud of ash being spewed out by a nearby volcano; a musical episode (which the cynic in me suspects was originally intended to plus the show's character image song CD); and a visit to the land of lycanthropes (werewolves, to you and me) - all interesting enough, but all ultimately not really going anywhere.

These episodes are saved from complete forgettableness by two things: the regular appearances of Randagio, who really is worth his weight in gold when it comes to providing comic relief; and the running thread through all these episodes that shows jet how many people are aware of Souta's mother, and the Tale of Two Worlds that she used to tell. All this is quite a surprise to Souta, who would very much like to know why his mother seems to be so well known in Phandavale, but that's a revelation for another time, a little incentive to be dangled over his head.

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