Uraboku Episode #23 Review

With Yuki in Reiga's hands, it's almost kind of amusing that there's a tiny bit of question among those following Takashiro as to whether they'll actually go and rescue him. Everyone is taking a bit of recovery time after that fight with Cadenza in which Reiga protected Yuki for his own purposes, but also for the grander purpose that he's working towards. Not surprising is that in the recovery phase, Luka stands alone and refuses to be looked at as he's so singly focused on rescuing Yuki at this point. What does prove surprising is that he hasn't just gone off to do that by himself, even as wounded as he may be from that fight.

A good chunk of this episode is given over to the action once Takashiro prepares himself for bringing everyone to where Yuki is. It is somewhat surprising to see Takashiro taking a hand in the attack considering his condition, but he's also closing in on the end of his life and participating in the mission is definitely something in character for him with that in mind. One thing that Uraboku has done well, at least in terms of style and brief intensity, is the action side so getting a good part of this episode given over to all the Zweilt going against Reiga's side works well. It's all properly stylish for the genre with ancient settings and a feeling of decadence and decay about it while being tied with some rather good music to set the mood even more.

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