Happy Town 1x2 Review

I'm really trying to enjoy this show and hold on until it finds it's feet. Most shows, when they begin, have trouble finding the right balance of genre and knowing what audiences warm to and what they don't so I'm hoping the case is the same for Happy Town.

There just seems to be too much going on and it's hard to take it all in and follow what's happening at such a fast pace. There doesn't seem to anyone in the show who does anything without some hidden motive or looking seriously suspicious. I think the show needs to try and put less into each episode and focud on only a couple of mysteries. Others can be slowly fed in throughout the series not all at once every episode.

With all this going on it's hard to warm to any charcter imparticular or make sense of what is going on. Obviously the point of a show like this is to make you think and guess but there's a fine line between keeping an audience in suspense and just confusing them.

There is definately an improvement on last weeks writing with some cool moments but there also several bad scenes which make me think they just lucked into the ones that worked. For example the scene in which Tommy takes to the stage after being named acting Sheriff - a random and what seemed to be out of character moment. They try to explain this with a history of freezing up but, as mentioned, we haven't seen enough of him to make these believable or for the random moment to make sense.

Also, although this is more personal, Amy Acker is completely wasted. She is a brilliant actress and isn't being given enough to do.

Here's hoping Happy Town gets its act together in the next few episodes.


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