High School of the Dead Episode #11 Review

With one more episode to go, the show takes the path of setting things up for that by working through what's going on in the Takagi family compound. For Takagi, it's a difficult time as she's confronting adults who have blinded themselves to what's going on and think that there will be a peaceful resolution to things that they, the real adults, will come up with. The one fomenting this talk is even more out of it than some we've seen as she brings in various bits of national politics and class warfare to all of it, which just has the kids somewhat confused and uncertain of what her point is, not that she truly knows either. But the discussion about blinders is useful as it reminds Takashi of his own blinders from the past and he's able to admit it, which is why Takagi claims that he's the most fit to be their leader.

His leadership skills come up in a discussion with Saeko and Takagi's father as well as he gives to her a sword that will most definitely help her shine in the time going forward. With her past and what he knows of it from her father, he's certain she'll survive and help protect people, but there's that small belief that she may be better suited to being the leader of the group since she isn't hesitating, something that Takashi is still doing. Takashi is definitely working through the role this new life has thrust on him, and there's a cute moment of proper introspection about it as we see him describe the group in video game terms pretty much, with each member fulfilling a particular role. It's also noteworthy as it's the first time we see the name change for Alice as it's now apparently Arisu.

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