Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Sortie"

Since the end of the invasion by the Skrugg, things have been rather quiet when you get down to it as the issues have largely focused on human related problems, such as one cracked mad scientist and other issues. There have been a number of Skrugg tinged episodes, such as Lina's brother or dealing with the island where experiments went awry because of the Skrugg influence later on, but now there have been numerous incidents across the country that are popping up where Skrugg remnants are causing problems. You know it's getting serious as Will is making a new appearance and trying to deal with it himself before it gets too big, but seeing a sizable group of Skrugg wrecking havoc inside a military installation shows that they're gearing up for some serious trouble.

Attempts at a serious plan of attack for investigating all of this goes out the window pretty quickly, thankfully, as the Skrugg go big by taking over the White House once they get the little bit that they need from the bunker they've sprawled through. The feeling of something big returns easily when the Skrugg get into this mode and we see their particular tentacles moving all over Washington DC, but we have to get the personal side out with Joey first as Hughes is getting him ready for a trip to the capitol so he and Heroman can do what's necessary. Joey's all intent on doing just that, but he has to have some personal time with Lina first, knowing that there is even a slight chance that he won't make it back because it is an alien invasion force after all. It's endearing that the first thing he wants to do before going is to admit his feelings to Lina.

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