Hikaru no Go Episode #47 Review

With Hikaru's victory now set, albeit in a way that didn't really let it shine, he's now fully done with the testing phase and is formally a pro. That's led to some issues at school where some kids aren't so sure of him anymore and his teachers are a bit concerned but also pretty proud of him for achieving so much. While he wasn't exactly a slacker or a truly terrible student, he wasn't one that most expected to amount to something, especially something like this. Hikaru's win and pro status has certainly changed a lot of things for this young man, things he won't even really realize or understand for some time to come simply because of his age and view of the world.

While Hikaru has now become a professional Go player, others from the old Insei group haven't fared so well. Some time is spent showing what's happened to Isumi after his losses, losses that are a bit more crushing since both Hikaru an Waya have moved on. Waya lears from their sensei what happened in that Isumi has quit, which has Hikaru believing that Isumi is fully done with Go in general. There's a very child-like view of how they think Isumi will turn out, but it's sensei Date who makes it plain that someone like Isumi will come again. Hikaru's sad about all of it but he's also quite focused on where he wants to go by getting into games with other pro players, challenging the high ranking ones that as well as Toya. The sense of drama comes from Sai though who is realizing he's becoming less and less connected now to Hikaru and begins to worry that Hikaru may not play against him anymore, depriving him of his one true love.

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