Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Part 4 (also w/LE) DVD Review

Code Geass has been a series that a lot of the time I feel really, really guilty for enjoying. It's got substance to it in its own way, but it feels so much about style more than anything else that it should be easily condemned for being fluff. But what saves it is that it excels at the style in making sweeping movements across the world while still keeping the human element there. It gives us a lead character that is focused and driven on his goals who will be ruthless when required, even if it pains him. He's a character you can like because he is flawed and because he does go after his goals, understanding that sacrifices are involved even of those close to him. Simple a character he may be, yet he's also fairly complex when you get right down to it.

The final arc of the second season is essentially all over the map, but it's not a surprise as they want to cover a lot of ground with all the characters involved. Lelouch has achieved a lot but the machinations that have been going on around him have slowly pushed him outside the sphere of power, or at least out of the sphere of power that he did control before. His focus early on here is still to deal with his father, Charles, in order to get the truth out of him as to what happened to his mother and how he let her die. Surprisingly, the truth is actually far more complex than we realized as Charles is ready to unleash his Ragnarok on the world and is ready to talk plainly about what happened in the past.

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