Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Set 2 - DVD Review

While Goku recovers and waits for another set of Senzu Beans, the team of Bulma, Kuririn and Gohan have landed on the planet of Namek. This is the original home planet of Piccolo and Kami. It is also where the Dragon balls originated. Their mission is simple: Get the Dragon Balls and wish everyone who was killed by Vegeta and Nappa back to life. Doing so would also bring their Dragon Balls back as well. Upon landing, they sense a power level they never imagined existed.

The Galactic Overlord Freeza listened in on Vegeta's battle on Earth. Wishing eternal youth for himself, he set his sights on the poor planet, systematically killing any Nameks in his way. When they arrived, Freeza had already amassed the majority of the Dragon Balls for himself. Vegeta also arrives on the planet looking for the Dragon Balls. He had been working for Freeza throughout his entire life and he sees this chance to finally strike back at the diminutive alien. Right off the bat, the Z Warriors find the odds completely stacked against them. Not only can they not stand up to either Vegeta or Freeza, but even Freeza's underlings are ridiculously powerful.

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