Durarara - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Yearning And Loving"

Durarara!! has certainly been all over the place as its diverse cast has their pasts and connections explored. With the launching point of Ryuugamine coming to Ikebukuro to go to school with his friend Kida, we've learned a whole lot that involves a rather varied cast of characters with a central plot about a Dullahan, a headless woman hundreds of years old, who operates as the Black Rider in the city. These threads are coming closer together now that the one thing that the Black Rider has been looking for is practically waved right in front of the waft of smoke that is in place of her head.

With the ninth episode, we get to follow up on the tease from the previous episode involving the appearance of what looks to be Celty's head. On another body, no less. Through this part of the story, we get to know the brother/sister pair of Seiji and Namie who are part of the big Yagiri Pharmaceuticals group. It's here that we see in the past where Namie discovered the head within her father's study, a place she shouldn't have been, and then when she brought her younger brother in to see it as well so as to share the secret. Her brother takes it farther though and feels connected to the quietly dormant head but it's Namie that elevates it as she sets up a procedure to find the head a body. And that has resulted in an awakened head that has lost its memories but feels a compulsion to seek out Seiji, who has left the Yagiri family, so she can be with him. Amusingly, the two have fallen in love in some weird way which is difficult to believe since Celty's had has no real personality to it yet as there are no memories, just a blank slate that knows how to get around a bit.

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