Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #14 Anime Review

Last week's recap episode was quite the challenge to get through as it didn't even feel like it did a good job of recapping the material it had and making the series accessible to new people. In fact, it frustrated me with how chaotic it was in telling what the overall story is. Going into this week, we're back on track where events are taking a quiet turn at first, preparing us for the events that are ahead. While Rikuo is coping with the changes to his intent to become the Third Heir and all that it entails, forces elsewhere are conspiring to make their move against the clan with a quiet kind of glee that says a lot about them. Though their grudges are not yet in evidence, they seem to be ready to make the clan suffer for wrongs made against them and they're going to enjoy it.

This episode spends a lot of time doing casual things early on in the middle of the aforementioned events, such as having Rikuo going to school and dealing with the yokai hunting club that's there. The animation for the show looks like it's gone up a notch or two when things start to get into the action though in the second half when a couple of the girls are attacked by a crow yokai and Rikuo's tengu associates help to drive it off. The mixture of different religious elements in the show is par for the course, though I have to admit the Onmyouji character tends to have a good approach to things and keeps a balanced head about herself as these sorts of situations come up. Considering how she's realized just how much danger there is, panicking doesn't help and it's good to see her taking this approach.

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