Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 22 - Review: "Looking Down on Us, Are You?"

While we've seen the struggles Ko is going through with his game play over time, up to the present where he's getting instructed by Aoba on how to throw a proper slider, we haven't seen too much from her side about what's been going on. Aoba has become a fantastic ball player and excels at it better than most guys her age and above, but she's continually being hamstrung by the social issues of it all. She wants to play, she's great at playing but the formal national rules won't allow it in the slightest. And while her teammates at Seishu are all supportive of her, they do find they can be dismissive of her at times as well which only leads to hurt feelings.

So when she gets an offer from Midori of the all girls team from another school to come play in a crucial scrimmage game, she's sorely tempted but finds that she can't. It's a difficult position for her since there's so much she wants to do, but she wants to do it with Seishu and probably subconsciously she wants to be there with Ko to do it all. But because of the issues with school policies and the like, she has to refuse Midori, though it weighs on her mind with all the other problems she's facing. When she goes to watch the scrimmage, at the recommendation of her coach, it's not a surprise to see Midori trying to nudge her into playing for them so they can go against another ace or two.

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