Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 55 - Review: "The Adults' Way of Life"

While there have been hiccups along the way, things have been mostly going to plan for Mustang and others trying to stave off what the homunculi are doing with Central. The biggest area of concern on a personal level involved Mustang going too far with Envy in the last episode, but that's been safely resolved and now the cast has to move on to bigger fish to fry. The war side of it gets played up again as we see what Izumi has done since arriving at the end of the last episode and the bit of propaganda that's being played out as the various forces deal with the Immortal Legion.

The Immortal Legion itself continues to be a big sticking point and there's a lot of fun in watching them run about doling out death and carnage wherever they go. But what really was a lot of fun in this arc has been watching the Armstrong siblings deal with what's going on. The arrival of Sloth previously and the manly fight between him and Major Armstrong was a real highlight, though obviously a rematch wouldn't have the same kind of impact. Sloths regeneration ability does put him back into play as expected, but everything feels much darker and more ominous during all of it. What saves it from being too overbearing is the arrival of Izumi to the room where she does her best, along with her faithful husband, to kick a whole lot of ass. Much to the Armstrong's surprise. The Major's expressions over meeting him is absolutely priceless and worth the price of admission alone.

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