Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 Part 2 Anime Blu-ray Review

Watching the opening arc of Dragon Ball Z Kai was certainly interesting in seeing the kinds of cuts and edits they made in order to streamline the show. With the introduction of Vegeta and the Saiyan's, which made clear Goku's own origins, Dragon Ball Z Kai had a lot of material to cover but it did it in a fairly choppy way that made the pacing feel too rushed, too forced at times. On the plus side, Goku's time running down the Serpent Path was cut down incredibly short and that made it all worthwhile. As the show got past the awkward opening stages and into the fight with the Saiyan's, it definitely evened out.

Much the same can be said about this set of episodes as we get thirteen more episodes that moves us quickly to the next stage. Goku's fight against Vegeta is fun in its streamlined form as it's brutal and quick, giving it more impact that way. The fight is over in just a few episodes here after Vegeta creates an artificial moon to help him transform into the giant beast but compliations arise from it as well. It's interesting to see Vegeta in this instance since unlike Goku, he's very much aware of what he is and is able to use it to his advantage whereas Goku has floundered in a way for years because of his lack of knowledge. There's always a complication in the mix and as we've seen from the first arc, Gohan is something that's not what anyone expects and his youth and unpredictability changes the course of things.

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