Tatami Galaxy Episode #03 Review

After the second episode where it essentially reboots the show a bit but with some change and a sense of déjà vu for our nameless lead, I'm unsure of how I feel about this show. Sometimes going this route can be highly fascinating, especially when you get fans who want to break it down frame by frame and really work it over. Other times it can be really annoying and cause you to jump off of it easily as you can feel like you're never going to really get anywhere with it. For a lot of people, I suspect the third episode is a make or break piece for whether they'll continue on it with it or not.

With the first two circles dealt with, our lead has been rebooted into starting his college career again and this time deciding that bicycling will be his thing. His goal is of course the same in that it's all about finding the right girl to do these bike rides with and to have that young romance that will make his college days sparkle. And just like his previous circle experiences, Ozu is again at hand as a friend of the lead's who does nothing but cause trouble. Our nameless young man hasn't been doing so well in the circle and often can't keep up with everyone else who is all above and beyond into cycling, which has him feeling very left out from events. And that just leaves him spending his time with Ozu.

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