Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2 Part 1 DVD Review

After a successful first season of the Gundam 00 series, the second season takes the down ending of the first and runs with it pretty well. The first season of the series didn't work all that well for me on a few levels so I went into this season without any serious expectations. While I had a lot of friends that loved this show when it first aired, the characters haven't done much for me nor did the introduction of the Thrones and their game changing moves. The second season seemingly offers more of interest though in these first seven episodes that it managed to keep my attention a whole lot better and made me want to see where it would go from here.

Like a lot of Gundam shows, this one kicks off with a change in the time frame as we're now bumped up five years from the first season. The world has changed a great deal as the Federation has now put into place a new group to deal with the trouble of the world called the A-Wals. This group is outside the normal military system and the conflict easily with the regular military when the two sides come into contact. Brash and full of themselves, they have no issues in using their power whenever they want to in order to get their point across. Through the use of this group, much of the world is in fear as they and the government behind them sets to putting the world on a course they can control. So much so that they are actively dismantling entire nations in order to rebuild them for better use.

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