'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Hello and Goodbye

Well, Happy Fall TV Season, Grey'sters! Yeah, that name for you all isn't working so much, is it? Let me know if you think of some better moniker for the collective Grey's Anatomy community. Why should Idoloonies and Losties have all the fun?

Speaking of fun, this sure was not a shiny, happy re-entry into a fresh new season of our favorite angsty hospital drama. Then again, we knew what we were getting into. And I have to say that for once, I was glad to have a major plot point that is, George dying spoiled and spoiled and spoiled some more over the summer hiatus. (No, I'm not just saying that because a good bit of the spoiling happened in a cover story in my own magazine.) This episode simply would've hit too hard, too fast, too early in a new season if we truly hadn't known whether he and/or Izzie would die (he of complications from a disfiguring bus accident, she of cancer, if you need a refresher). We fans have already mourned the delightful (if largely absent, last season) George O'Malley and his arc from puppy-dog clueless intern to confident man heading off to the Army. (We're even willing to forget, in his demise, that annoyingly false-feeling dalliance with hottie best friend Izzie.) All the better to simply take in his friends' and colleagues' well-acted grief, and watch how it'll affect the remaining characters moving forward. The writers even played with our expectations briefly, spending a few minutes pretending we weren't totally sure the accident victim was George after all, the only evidence was that he'd traced 007, George's nickname, in Meredith's palm with his finger. How hilarious would it have been if George really weren't dead, and all that press had been a big lie?

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