Grey's Anatomy - Hug it Out

Welcome to another week at Seattle Grace, where Izzie is still acting like a moron. While I'm thrilled that Denny seems to be gone for now, she has decided to test herself to try and figure out what is wrong. Why go for help in a hospital? Why ask your friends, who are doctors, and who think you've been acting strangely, to discreetly assist you? Well, I guess that actually only leaves George, and having him help would mean giving him actual screen time, so that possibility is out. She's trying to draw her own blood and failing as Mere VO's us into this episode. "Every first year med student knows that an increased heart rate is a sign of trouble." All of the interns shuffle into the clinic like they are hung over and bitch about having to spend the day there with Izzie, thinking it's a waste of time. Izzie quickly tries to get rid of all of the evidence of her activities, and then pulls the curtain back to surprise everyone. I guess this week we aren't pretending that the curtains are sound barriers. "A racing heart could indicate anything."

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