Honey & Clover: Complete Collection Part 3 Review

After the first season of the series ran with twenty-six episodes, a second season was kicked off with just twelve episodes in order to wrap everything up. The first season of the series dealt with a lot of material in the manga but a year after that season ended, the manga drew to a close. A month prior to the finale though, this season of the anime kicked off and added a little more life to everything after the end of the manga for fans. Unfortunately, much like the first season of the series, this season drags things out even more with characters that really don't know what they want and really don't belong with each other.

With the first season not really resolving anything for obvious reasons, this one does provide for resolution across the board. All of it happens towards the very end of the season so that means we get quite a few episodes to stretch things out. This set kicks off with a brief recap of things which does help a bit in making everything clearer again but it also points out that very little was really accomplished in all those episodes beyond most of the characters going in circles with their lives and relationships, mostly because they're unable to really make a decision. With this being all about the relationships, we'll just look at each of those in how they play out across the set.

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