Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 12 - Review: "Ep 12"

Strike Witches draws to its conclusion for the second season of the series and it again provides us with few real answers. The Neuroi race has been one that I do find fascinating in their design since they have a really neat look to them and a very otherworldly feeling overall when you watch how they move over the world and interact. The downside is that both seasons have truly given us little to work with when it comes to them as they're essentially just there. They're often defeated easily as the alien of the week which keeps the show much more focused on being about the Witches and what makes them tick along with their relationships.

Except at the end of the seasons when they go big in dealing with the Neuroi. tHe first season gave us a bit more with a Neuroi that tried to make contact with Yoshika by taking humanoid form and attempting communication. This one has the Fuso battleship Yamato having Neuroi technology added to it so that it can fly up out of the ocean and ram the massive Neuroi ship that's over Romagna. Except that when it hit the barrier, it couldn't break through, leaving the thing a powerful weapon on the edge that can't be utilized. A weapon that requires a sacrifice to use from one of the Witches who is needed to go there and accelerate the special engine, allowing it to explode and break through the special barrier.

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