House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Sure Does Get Carried Away"

The relaxed and slow moving pace of the House of Five Leaves continues on with this episode, but that's not a bad thing as I continue to really like it's approach to storytelling. What's frustrating with the show at times is Masanosuke himself who seems to be quite dull of wit as he still hasn't really figured out what the House of Five Leaves is all about, even as he continues to take work from Yaichi. And generally, so far at least, Masanosuke has been incurious about people outside of Yaichi and even there he's been supremely cautious about asking too many questions.

With the bodyguard job done, Yaichi ends up getting Masanosuke some work as a guard at the brothel where he stays. It's kind of cute because Masanosuke is so timid and uncertain of himself that the girls are all feeling silly about him as they watch him from a slight distance. They're not laughing at him exactly, but they're not taking him seriously either. While there, he slowly gets to know Otake better and tries to get a bit more understanding about Yaichi from her since it turns out that she knows him the longest, not that she'll really reveal much. It's an interesting relationship that's slowly building up there, especially as Otake takes up residence in his old place while he lives in the brothel, rent free, for his new bodyguard job.

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