Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 64 - Review: "Journey's End"

With a series as long as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and with as diverse cast as it has, it really does demand an epilogue episode in order to tie up loose ends. The series could have easily ended on the previous episode and gone out on a high with sacrifice, blood and intensity, but I'm quite glad to have an episode that spends its time giving me just a little bit more of each of these characters to see how they're progressing. In particular, I loved that it opened on Mustang and showed how he's trying to do right by the Ishvalan's and not letting his blindness hold him back from taking on things full throttle before he becomes Fuhrer. Though he's somewhat of a complicated man, he's the right type and has gone through the right things to turn the country back on the proper path.

Scar's arc through this series has been quite engaging as well as we've seen him go from a time of vengeance to one of healing at long last. Rescued at the end by General Armstrong, she's giving him a new lease on life as he takes on his third life having died twice now in his own eyes. His redemption throughout the series has been fascinating to watch and seeing him working alongside Ed, Al and the rest towards the end was exciting, especially when he got to take on the Fuhrer full on in a battle of men. He's had some defining and exciting moments throughout the series and seeing him reaching this point, where he's almost becoming a holy figure in a way, is perfect.

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