Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Galaxy Nights"

This series has been uneven for the most part though it's had a number of very good fun areas that left me smiling and enjoying it. The manly carefree nature of it and its basic attitudes may not fly well with a lot of today's viewers but there's a certain nostalgia to a different time that makes it appealing because it is different. The show has had some good standalone episodes and a couple of multiple episode stories that went on too long and that's made me hesitant towards another multi episode story, especially one that could likely run the remainder of the series.

This one at least starts off with some good potential and has me engaged right from the start. The plot focuses on a plan to take a place called Shiva Castle back from the Chaos Army, a group who invaded and captured it decades ago. The Chaos Troops are interesting in that they're essentially mental beings encased in spheres that utilize other bodies to get around in. Though they don't know who it is that invited them to this plot, thirteen people arrive in a secret location to gather and make the basic plan to retake the castle. The way they gather is amusing as their packet contains a playing card, all of the spades suit, where everyone has a different one and they opt to use that for names. It's a cute start but everything goes to hell in a handbasket fast when it's discovered there's a spy in the midst and the attempts to get away result in a number of the participants dying.

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