Tears to Tiara - DVD Collection 2

As its first half came to a close, this adaptation of the PS3 fantasy RPG (and original ero game) had finally assembled its full cast and so looked to be on the upswing. The second half fulfills that expectation; as these episodes prove, the occasional signs of quality peppered throughout the series' first half were not flukes. In fact, the story comes together well enough that this may be among the best straight-up adaptations of an RPG to date.

Of course, the RPG influence still lingers, and typically not in a good way. Even those who have never played the game the series is based on can probably check off the quests that the heroes must complete or the individual classes represented by the distribution of heroes. The monster distribution is fairly typical of fantasy RPGs and, naturally, there is a Big Boss at the end who, conveniently, is at the top of a challenge-filled tower which allows all of the core team of heroes to show off their stuff in small groups. And of course there's also the exotic costuming, as Riannon's outfit seems like something more fit for a medieval lady than a Gaelic woman and most other designs conform to expectations for fantasy RPG archetypes.

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