One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 445 - Review: "A Dangerous Meeting! Blackbeard and Shiryu ... "

Though the show is focused entirely on fighting at this point, something that could drag out too much, it's entirely far too much fun. The amount of sneaking around before was fun to watch but the shift to more straightforward action is very welcome here, especially as we're getting large numbers of characters running around and getting involved with all the prisoners and the wide variety of guards that are here. It's not exactly a free for all at this point, but it's a mixture of seriousness and hilarity with how everyone is reacting to events.

The episode can be split into a few different story arcs, each of which has some good material to it. The Luffy arc has him with Jimbei, Ivankov and Crocodile along with numerous residents of New Kama Land trying to make their way further up from the bottom of Impel Down. They're facing some of the tougher beasts and creatures that reside down there so there's a lot of fun in seeing big action scenes with them. The added fun is in watching Luffy working alongside Crocodile who has a very amusing feel to him as he works this angle. The two have such a history to them but Luffy's ability to co-opt anyone to his cause at almost any given time serves him well here. It's hard to imagine Crocodile working with him for long, but while he does it's just perfect.

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