Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 26 - Review: "Faith"

The final arc of the series has brought us to what I've found to be a really good point as we're seeing Washington DC under siege in a very detailed way. Joey and Heroman, along with Will, are finding themselves facing off against Kogorr once again after he's been absent since the first arc. Instead of making him a recurring threat by showing up every episode or in every arc in between, they kept him out of the picture until now and that adds a nice element to it. And Kogorr is definitely ticked off about all of it as he intends to completely end the world, with the audience getting a nice view of some serious destroyed other worlds that the Skrugg have visited.

Joey is running out of time to deal with things though as Hughes informs the rest of the gang that they need to get away as the whole area is about to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Not that you'd think it would have much effect on the Skrugg technology. That was a big theme at the start and realistically humanity has not made anything since then through what research they got that would deal with the Skrugg outside of befriending Heroman and Joey. With the epic battle for the fate of humanity at hand, Heroman does the expected job and there aren't any real challenges here that you can't predict. Yet, it is thoroughly enjoyable, even if not on the scale as the opening storyline.

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