One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 441 - Review: "Luffy Revives! Ivan's Jailbreak Plan Begins!!"

Bon Clay's efforts have paid off as Luffy has risen from the near-dead after hours and hours of encouragement by Bon Clay outside of Luffy's recovery room. The bond of friendship between the two is immense and this small arc down in Level 5.5 has made that even more important than before, much to the delight of Bon Clay fans. While I've not been enamored with Ivankov and what this entire hidden level entails, the core story itself has been very solid with these two have who wear their friendship with each other on their sleeves.

Luffy's resurrection has him all pumped up to go an rescue Ace but he's still nowhere near really recovered as he's out of energy. Ivankov is doing his best to try and keep him settled since it won't do him any good but there's an of fthe cuff revelation made by Luffy that changes everything. When Ivankov talks about how he's not intending to escape himself for quite some time to come, even though that's one reason Bon Clay came down this way, he talks about how he's waiting for the right signal to come from Dragon of the Revolutionaries army that he's a part of. The time isn't right now for an escape since the world is dealing with confrontation between the Navy and the Whitebeard pirates, of which Ace is a part of..

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