Devil May Cry - DVD - Complete Box Set

What in the world is supposed to be funny about a demonspawn liking strawberry sundaes? Devil May Cry seems to think the idea is hilarious based on how much of the series' runtime is given over to how many he can eat along with large pizzas, no olives. This joke with no good punch line is pretty indicative of the excitement to be gleaned from the episodic adventures of Dante in this plotless prequel/promotion for the game Devil May Cry 4. The formula is strictly monster of the week, and doesn't adopt an overarching plot until a forced climactic revelation in its last two episodes. (Though to be fair, this twist is built up in tiny scenes that begin as early as the first episode. It doesn't change the fact that the twist itself is dumb and contrived.)

From the food gags to the enormous stack of hack-and-slash cliches that form the show's script, "dumb and contrived" are really the best words for this. Every new "mission" is composed of a lame gag about Dante's habits or history, a long sequence of fact swapping with a client, a predictable demon revelation and battle, and a punchline to the lame gag we started with back at the Devil May Cry agency, no less facepalm-worthy twenty minutes later. Just repress the urge to "press A to scroll through the text" because sadly, this is not a video game, and this narrative oatmeal does not work outside of cutscenes. Some development of the characters might offset this, but Lady and Trish are barely used and even fresh face Patty is only predictably exposed as a despondent lonely girl with a brash exterior by story's end. Nothing really happens here they're all just waiting for the new game to come out so the franchise canon won't be disturbed by this side story.

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