Is smallville being dragged out??

I have watched smallvile from the start up the the latest episode "Veritas" and hav enjoyed it all the way through.

I think we can all agree that the show started out simply portraying the character of clark kent before he became superman later on in life. However as many seasons went on the writers began to take a whole new perpective of the superman mythology, and therefore redefine the whole smallville idea. Louise lane for example was not suppost to be introduced to clarks life until he was actually superman, yet they put her in to change the way we see clarks progression.

Therefore, i think the writers did this so they could play around with how quickly he groes up, and how he does actually change to becoming superman. and therefore i think that the show is goin at agood pace and could do loads more with it....i do like the idea of the show progessing in to "metropolis" mainly coz alot of the show pretty much resides in that area now, but i dont think they would need to make him a reporter, that why chloe sullivan is there.

If they do decide to end it, due to the writers leaving, i at least hope they do it properly and not half arse it, it has come to far just to be a let down. Superman is an iconic hero, for which these writers hav done a great justice in creating smallville, and it deserves to be resolved and not rushed!


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Apr 15, 2008 5:15PM EDT

Yes, they are dragging it out, they obviously didn't take into account that it would be popular enough to last 8 seasons (its set to end at 8), its a shame because if they hadn't dragged it out so bloody long it wouldn't have come out so irritating and slow moving. I personally think that the script has become less and less entertaining. At the beginning it was all about his life and personal growth and now its full of twists and indecisive character developments which come and go. They cant seem to make an f***ing decision. I love smallvile, but I'm kinda happy to see that it ends somewhere.

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