Okamisan - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Ep 10"

Considering the skills of the members of the Otogi Bank club, it doesn't take too long for them to realize that something is up. With requests at an all time high, the group quickly discovers that someone is working to sabotage them, primarily by making sure there are a ton of requests by putting out 30% off flyers for all to see. Of course, with the club usually not dealing in money but rather favors owed, it's a curious attempt as you'd imagine that the bulk of the student population would know how the Bank works and that discounts don't exactly apply. Still, the gang has taken to filling the requests as quickly as possible and that has them working pretty hard. Thankfully, it's kept pretty short for the busy time sequence, allowing us to get into more interesting material.

With it being fairly obvious things are being set up by the student council president over at the Onigashima High School, Shiro, more elements from there start to make their way into the show. Ryoshi finds himself training under a cowboy style student from the Academy who goes by the name Neko and is working hard to better support Ryoko in things that happen. Even more interesting is when Ryoko and Ringo come across an attractive young women in a school uniform from the high school who claims to be Shiro's woman, but that he tired of her and was trying to sell her off somehow before she managed to get away. These little things and a few others pop in to help keep the high school issues in everyone's view as the others of the Bank try to figure out what the real goal of all of it is.

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