DVD Review: 30 Rock - Season 1

Isn't it funny how often similar projects are developed simultaneously? More often than not is complete coincidence, although that is often hard to believe. We see it time and time again at the cinema. Last year the simultaneous development of similar projects took the battle from the big screen to the small screen with the arrival of two shows. These shows are set in the behind the scenes world of sketch comedy shows. First up was the Aaron Sorkin created Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip starring Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford. It was a dramedy that covered relationship issues, writing problems, and generally took a melodramatic bent on the material. On the other side you had the Tina Fey created (and starring) 30 Rock which is a straight up sitcom. Two shows entered the season, only one has survived to see a second.

When 30 Rock debuted I wasn't quite sure that I was going to like it, much less that the show would actually last. The show was slightly off-kilter, but it did not feel as if they knew where they were going. They were not on sure footing. I thought for sure that it would get canceled before it reached its sixth episode. Then it dawned on me, this wasn't Fox! Perhaps the show would have a shot. Sure, networks other than Fox cancel shows that don't perform. But no other network has a track record that equals the fourth network. I'm getting ahead of myself, one episode in and it showed a bit of promise but still had a way to go.

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