Strawberry 100% OVA 3 Anime Review

The OVA series continues as it gives us some fun little standalone stories in the larger context of the property in general. The previous OVA didn't do all that much for me, especially after the first one that Viz Media put out, and this one plays along similar angles. Manaka's finding himself in yet another awkward situation, something he excels at, as Yui asks him to do a favor when she winds up sick (and in his bed) during one of her stays there. With the cute and weak little smile, she asks him to deliver something to the Nishino's school. And rather than just do something very straightforward, like talk to the guard about it and get it delivered to the office, he has to go sneaking into the school, through various rooms and even lands himself hidden inside a classroom when the girls are all changing.

Unfortunately, the show lowers itself by dealing in far jokes.

In one painful segment during the first part of the show, Manaka's being stuck in the locker in the classroom has him feeling ill with a stomachache and it just goes badly as he needs to get to a bathroom. But not without letting some gas fly first, which leads to at least one mildly amusing moment as one of the girls gets blamed for it. But the show takes an awkward turn from there as all he finds in the school are girls bathrooms. While it's an all girls school, surely there would be a mens room somewhere in the school for when it's necessary. And not just one, but more than that because of guest lecturers, multi-school events and so forth. It's admittedly silly looking for logic in shows like this sometimes, but moments like this just take me out of the show and deserve an extra bit of rambling.

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