Moyashimon Episode #04 Review

Moyshimon has focused on the various characters it's introduced so far such as Hasegawa and Oikawa with her UFO club ties and the like as well as giving Sawaki plenty of time. The ones it hasn't dealt with much are the other two members working under the professor, Kawahama and Misato. The two invariably have any number of schemes to make money in the works at any given time and they never seem to work and instead often get them into more trouble. Case in point is the start of this episode in which they con Sawaki into helping steal some vegetables in the middle of the night. When they're caught, it's an embarrassment of huge proportion for all of them, though only Sawaki seems to feel it.

This time around the pair get into something just as problematic, if not more so. The professor is working on getting his next project off the ground which has them using the fermentation vaults that have been out of service for a bit. Bringing them back online is going to take effort and even though Hasegawa would rather that the pair isn't used, the professor rightly notes that they need them since there's a good deal of physical labor and the girls couldn't handle it. Hasegawa is showing a bit of her true colors though when she talks about how they're a bad influence on Sawaki, something that indicates she may be getting a bit more attached to him as time goes on.

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