High School of the Dead Episode #01 Review

Based on the manga of the same name by Daisuke Sato which began its run in 2006 with five volumes out in Japan, High School of the Dead is a twelve episode series that's being promoted as a hit before it even airs, which admittedly isn't all that rare but it's amusing nonetheless when being promoted overseas before its broadcast that way. Generally we hear about a series being a hit after it's been licensed some time after its original airing and fans can know whether it truly was or not. With it being a simulcast, US fans have a chance to help make it a hit as well with the viewership numbers and general discussion on it. While the promotional video certainly raised eyebrows and interest, the Madhouse animated series is going to have to maintain the intensity for its run in order to really win over people.

While there are a few zombie manga titles, few make it into the anime realm and it's hard to even remember the last time there was a decently done real zombie show done in the traditional sense of what a zombie is considered to be. Like any good show though, High School of the dead kicks off with lots of carnage to show us just how bad things are as a bunch of high school kids run around their building getting chewed up as blood splatters everywhere. That setup works well as does the opening sequence which paints a rather nice sexually and violence charged set of themes for the show before taking us back to the time before the incident happened and we're thrust into a basic high school drama. Takashi's your average good looking kid who is coping with having been dumped by his childhood friend and is now withdrawing into himself a bit, enough so that even one of his friends informs him he's acting like he's in elementary school.

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