One Piece Season 2 Part 6 Review

The end is nigh and the second showdown between Luffy and Crocodile is inevitable. Their fight will have to wait as there are other fights that must pan out.

At the conclusion of the last collection Nami was pitted against Miss Doublefinger. She is on the receiving end of a major butt-kicking as Miss Doublefinger has her way with her. As usual with most shonen fights the Miss Double Finger’s postulation and taunting gives Nami enough time to figure her new weapon, the Clima Tact (Climate Baton). This weapon was designed by Usopp and its function(s) are about as inventive as he is crazy. A knockout drag-out cat fight ensues that pits Nami, who is not a real fighter, against nearly impossible odds.

Across town you have Zoro taking on Mr. 1. Again, this is another high stakes fight as Zoro must figure out how to cut through Mr. 1’s steel body. Time is running out for Zoro and he must draw from his inner strength and knowledge to make the impossible, possible. Will drawing on his vow to surpass Mihawk drive him to find a way to cut through steel?

Switching things up, yet again, Crocodile reveals his true reason for seizing Alabasta as he confronts Vivi in her desperate attempt to stop him and save her father. Crocodile is after an ancient weapon known as Pluton, which he hopes to use to defeat the World Government. It is believed that the weapon is somewhere in Alabasta. The Poneglyph that holds the secret to the Pluton’s location is believed to be held within the confines of the Alabasta royal tombs. As Crocodile reveals this, he also unveils his next dastardly act. He has deployed a bomb that will destroy not only the capital city of Alabarna, but also the Rebel and Royal armies that are now engaging in full out war within its confines. Crocodile has to be one of the most conniving evil villains that you just can’t help but hate.

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