Katherine Heigl to take another leave of absence for personal reasons!

Question: Is Izzie really pregnant on Grey’s Anatomy? —Elle

This is getting ridiculous now! In season four she asked them to reduce her story lines, because she wanted to go and shoot a movie. Then she had the nerve to complain about her story lines that season. They recently let her leave for five episodes to go and shoot another movie. Now she's leaving again for maternity leave (Ellen Pompeo just had a baby and she won't be absent for any episodes!)? Izzie's character will be gone for 5+ episodes this season. They need to stop making so many special accommodations for her. The writers either need to kill her off permanently or write her off the show. She obviously doesn't want to be on the show anymore especially now that her best friend T.R. Knight is gone. Izzie now seems to be one of the most disliked character on the show swapping places with Meredith. They need to just write Heigl off.


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