Grey's Anatomy - Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

"If you're a normal person, one of the few things you can count on in life is death." We're straight into things with the voiceover this week, no previously ons. Derek's awakened by a ringing phone. Mere's wide awake reading one of her mother's newfound journals, and Cristina's the one calling since it seems she's also reading some. Cristina loves it that they're all about medicine, and hardly ever mention feelings or, for that matter, Meredith. "But, if you're a surgeon, even that comfort is taken away from you." I get that the point here is that Meredith is annoying but seriously, what person doesn't just go have a conversation in a different room from the one where their significant other is sleeping? But Mere just gleefully exchanges medical tidbits with Cristina, not caring when Derek pulls his pillow over his head. One might also argue that Derek could just ask her to leave instead of dramatically flailing around with the pillow.

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