Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #10 Anime Review

Picking up from where we left off, Aberdeen and Avril are in the Oasis house, holding Miriam, who has been revealed to be his little sister, turned into an automaton since her real body was in poor health. But the disturbances in the flow of El in the world have made her continued existence problematic, and she needs a new core, one that can handle the fluctuation in the flow of El in the world. We know of one core, the anima perla, that can regulate El flow but, of course, that is what is keeping Minette alive. Without it, she's dead. Nothing gets resolved now, as Aberdeen takes his sister with him and leaves, though Miriam herself says that she will not agree to taking Minette's core to keep herself alive.

The next morning, the gang regroups to decide what to do. They know that they need to protect Minette, since Aberdeen is pretty desperate. To ease things for the Oasis Clan, the Tortilla Sisters, who were stalking...I mean watching last night's events, come and offer to take up the task of investigating the El anomalies, leaving Oasis free to protect Minette. The group decides to just keep Minette at home, as everyone can be there to watch over her.

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