La Corda D'Oro ~ Primo Passo Collection 2 DVD Review

La Corda d'Oro had a good first half with the thirteen episodes that came prior to this and it finishes out well here in the second half with the remaining twelve and the OVA episode that runs a bit longer. The main thrust of the first half was to introduce us to Kaho and all those that made it into the competition that the school runs while also bringing in the magical element of the pint sized fairy Lili who gifts her with a magical violin that allows her to play beautifully. Kaho playing it constantly and practicing as well was definitely useful as when the magic runs out, as her heart loses its vested interest in playing, she has to go back to square one and actually use the skills she's learned.

The second half deals heavily in this plot point to generally good effect. The performances in the selections prior to the Final Selection cause some trouble as Kaho loses her connection and the strings of the violin breaks. That sends her down a spiral where pulls away from everything, the others in the competition and music in general. Taking the route of trying to return to who she was before works for a little while, but it's interesting that those that were closest to her before can see that it's not what's right for her. She pulls away so much that the others from the competition keep their distance as well since they don't want to make things worse for her.

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