Shiki - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Third Tragedy"

Shiki kicked off with two strong yet different episodes. The first one introduced some of the characters and established the mystery through the death of Megumi, a girl that could have been the lead if not for that particular fact. The second episode introduced the investigative aspect of the series as we learned about how several deaths are occurring in the area and there is something larger going on in the region that's to be concerned about. When you have these kinds of deaths spiking suddenly with no apparent reason yet with symptoms, it has to be dealt with swiftly and with some cold calculation. Because of where it is though, it takes time before we potentially get to that point.

The focus on this episode is across a couple of places, but it gives us more of Natsuno at the start as he deals with the dreams he has that are decidedly creepy. Through him, we're able to see more of the town that he has little true love for as he sees it all as kind of pointless in a way how people are going through the motions. With Natsuno wanting to get out of the village, he does his best to have as little connection to people as possible, but he's still managed to make some connections over time that seem to frustrate him a bit.

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