One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 468 - Review: "Consecutive Battles! An Army of Devil Fruit..."

While this particular arc had a bit of a slow start with things, One Piece has been giving fans what they want for the most part since then. Action, action and more action tied with the emotional context we saw between Luffy and Ace as well as reaffirming things with Garp. Losses are building up on all sides and for Ace, watching all of this happen in front of him while he's chained to the ground, unable to get anyone to stop or end it in any way, is simply brutal. It's the kind of situation that means so very much to him in a way, but he doesn't want it to happen, doesn't want to see all of this carnage over him taking place.

Another part of what makes this arc so much fun, especially for those who have faithfully followed the whole series, is seeing various people come across each other again or for the first time. And a lot of that fun for me comes in watching Buggy deal with what's thrown his way. When he comes across Whitebeard, someone he so completely fears because he's not stupid, his crew of prisoners gets the best of him again and he ends up challenging him, though it works out in a fairly amusing way. Buggy was the pirate I hated the most at the start of the series, enough so that I fell out of the show for awhile, but he's completely redeemed himself since Impel Down. He's gone over the edge here for a number of reasons and seeing how he's being manipulated is rather amusing in total.

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