Blade of the Immortal Novel 01: Legend of the Sword Demon Review

Rin is a young girl who has lost her family thanks to the Itto-ryu, a rather nefarious group of swordsmen. As the story begins, we find her attempting to take revenge by attacking a member of the Itto-ryu, only to discover that she's in over her head. Just as it looks like things are over for her, a mysterious man using strange blades butts in and decapitates her assailant. Rin thanks the man and learns that his name is Manji, and he is the one she was told to seek out to aid her in her quest for revenge (and that he's immortal.) After a little discussion on the matter, Manji agrees to be her bodyguard.

The first opponent they come across in their quest is a man named Kuroi Sabato, a strange swordsman with a unique style who wears a huge amount of clothing. It turns out that Kuroi has been sending Rin love letters ever since he aided in the murder of her father, and he wants nothing more than to express his love for her by taking her life. An intense battle ensues between Manji and Kuroi, only to be cut short by the interruption of a mysterious figure.

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